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Collectively Creating Solutions

Finding a solution to ending street homelessness takes a united team with the determination to think big. Join us to help communities across our nation develop city-wide solutions where everyone has a place to sleep. Together, we are stronger.

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Our Vision

No one sleeping on the street.

Our Mission

To eliminate street homelessness by building broad private-public coalitions to cooperate on a single, citywide plan. 

Our Values

UVA’s values guide our work and our decisions, helping us to stay aligned, to lead, and to make an impact. Join our team and make a difference.


We share a moral obligation to our fellow humans to not ignore suffering in our midst. We are guided together by dignity, care and respect for our cause and for each other.


Our purpose is to bring good ideas and good people together. We value diverse expertise and we see the impactful potential of combined resources and expert alliances.


We learn from what has been tried before, but we question everything. We collect and distill information from every source and seek to find the right and best answer.


We know that street homelessness can be solved, that the system can be redesigned to be better and more cost-effective, and that people will get involved if we can show them a real vision and a tangible plan.


We acknowledge that progress takes work, but we are optimists through and through. We believe that going bigger is often better, and that challenges are nothing more than opportunities.

Together, We Are Stronger!

UVA actively promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion across our organization and in our homelessness solutions. Our approach is rooted in collective impact by building private-public coalitions to create opportunities for a wide range of stakeholders to come together in a participatory and inclusive movement.

The numbers are clear – those experieincing homlessness are comprised of a disproportionate number of people who have systemically experienced exclusion and discrimination. We are committed to change these outcomes in our response to address street homelessness. See our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement, here.



If you’re looking to contribute your unique skills, time, and energy, we’re looking for engaged, inclusive, and action-oriented individuals. You will find employment and volunteer roles for both UVA HQ and San Francisco. Find your next big adventure and change the world.

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