You are Part of the Solution

If you want to solve homelessness in your city or across the nation, join us today. UVA offers numerous ways to be a part of our efforts to implement change. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines.


Let’s solve it together!


The benefits of registering as an individual include that you can access members-only content on this website, participate in the online discussions about existing and in-development projects, join online groups to collaborate, learn more about homelessness building projects in your area, and see people & contacts of individual UVA Alliance members.


Here’s your chance to be a fundamental contributor to an effective strategy focused on large-scale, innovative solutions. Your contribution will help solve street homelessness and is 100 percent tax-deductible.

Join the Alliance

Partner companies are essential to our solution. They provide expertise across the spectrum of real estate development, homelessness services, and business strategy and operations that typically is not found in one organization. They are the backbone to our success through collective efforts.

Launch a UVA Chapter in Your Community

UVA operates on a chapter license model. Teams anywhere in the country can take our platform, tools, and collateral to replicate our framework in their own cities. What’s more, leaders across chapter cities learn from one another, trading resources and best practices to elevate everyone’s game.

Become an Ambassador

Our Ambassadors, including tech leaders, real estate families, corporate leaders, influencers, and more, help build an alliance of partners across the city that make our plans a reality. Our Ambassador Program is an opportunity for people with valuable relationships to contribute by building awareness and making introductions for UVA. This is a formal affiliation that requires little time but will have a huge impact.

Work With Us

We offer a close-knit team of individuals dedicated to finding a solution to ending street homelessness. We believe that “fortune favors the bold,” and that with vision, strategy, and determination, we can attract the right people to solve this problem. Bringing good ideas and good people together is what we do.

Ways to Join Us


Every dollar leads to positive impact.

Be an Ambassador

Use your connections for a cause.

Join the Alliance

We’re looking for companies that care.