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Meet Our Founder’s Circle Members

The Founder’s Circle consists of some of the earliest supporters of UVA’s mission. Alliance partners, donors, and volunteers gave their time, skills, and resources to make UVA the organization it is today. We cannot thank them enough for their contributions.

Alliance Partners

Real Estate Firms


Corporate Partners




Jeremy Liew & Ranee Lam

Raj & Reena Agrawal



Eric Chen


Up to $4,999

Adrien Del Bonta

Alexa Wriggins

Alison Baker

Amin & Elena Toufani

Andrew Grove

Bob McGinn

Brian Scully

Carlos Oliveira (In honor of Dawn Piper)

Chris Romano

Dana Lukes

Dave Ligon

Davide Venturelli

Dawn Piper

Dennis & Vicki Piper

Ela Greenberg (In honor of Rebecca Grove)

Emily Goodstein & Ron Kelly

Lucas & Erika Piper

Evan Magers & Caitlin Stuart

George & Beverly Grove

Jennifer Warner Grey

Julia & John Skibber (In honor of Rebecca Grove)

Kristin Luck

Lauren Weber

Lilia Lauer

Lynn & Curtis Wright

Mabell Aguilar & Rob Fabela

Matthew Wulfstat

Michael Seiler & Jessie Sunday

Miranda Scott

Peter & Maki Ray

Ray Fredericksdorf

Rebecca Grove

Rob Fanfelle & Laini Katheiser (In memory of Ezra Gold)

Shelina Pabani

Stephen Marchi

Suchitra Reddy

Will Weisman

Foundations & Corporations

Abbott Laboratories

Johnson & Johnson



Planet Home Charitable Foundation



Aga Marsh

Amir Massih

Angela Chumley

Ann Montgomery

Annie Lawrenson

Barbara Suroz

Brian Scherer

Camilla Hermann

Conor McCusker

Claire Andersen

Daniel Laury

Drake Scallon

Ed Kavounas

Ellie Sweezy

Franck Battelli

Gareth Finucane

Gary Arabian

Giselle Reinhardt Gillis

Greg Baldinucci

Heidi Hartley

Jennifer Levy

Jessica Lopez

Jim O’Farrell

Kat Lewis

Kyle Kovac

Laura Lakes

Lea Gikas

Marc Bonavia

Matt Kroger

Merin McDonnell

Miranda Scott

Nim De Swardt

Rebecca Grove

Ron Nikel

Sarah Goff-Dupont

Scott Ackerson

Shannon Grant

Stewart Bonn

Tess Wallace

Travis Carley

Zachary Welburn


Camber Collective

Conard House

Debbas Architects

Haven for Hope

Kava Architects

ONEHope Wines


Voxel Studios

While we are no longer accepting members to the Founder’s Circle, we still need your help taking the critical foundational work we have completed the past four years to the next level so we can scale and replicate our approach in other cities. Join this bold new collective action by making a tax-deductible financial contribution today.

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