33 Gough Street

Primary Organization: DignityMoves

UVA Chapter: San Francisco

Stage of Project Lifecycle: 4 – Public / Operational

Address: 33 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

All Organizations Participating in this Project: N/A

Number of Existing Beds:

Number of Beds to be Added:

Target Completion Date:

Amount Needed to Raise:

Amount Raised to Date:

Building Cost:

DignityMoves, in partnership with the City of San Francisco (HSH), Tipping Point, Urban Alchemy and HomeFirst in addition to support from UVA and Alliance partner, Gensler, upgraded 33 Gough Street, a safe sleeping site with 44 tents, to a thoughtfully designed community with 70 sleeping cabins, offices, dining, and common areas.

Even more impressive is that all relevant city departments participated in a streamlined permitting process with permits obtained in less than three weeks from submission.

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